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School Crisis Management

PSI Crisis Management Services

PSI’S School Crisis Management Team (SCM) is available to help schools prevent manage and cope more effectively with the aftermath of school-wide and/or individual student emergencies or natural disasters. Our team has been trained by Dr. Scott Poland, a nationally known school crisis expert, former chairman and leading member of the National Emergency Assistance Team (NEAT).

The PSI SCM Team will help your staff recognize the signs of suicide and learn strategies to optimize school safety. We assist your in-school crisis management and emergency response team to ensure immediate and positive action.

School Crisis Management with Positive Support

  • Developing a school crisis plan
  • Forming an effective emergency team
  • Identifying the signs of suicide, cutting and other forms of self-destructive behavior
  • Dealing with bullying, aggression and violent behavior
  • Coping with the aftermath of school violence

Meet Bob Murray

crisisfeaturePSI’s School Crisis Management Coordinator is Bob Murray, Ed.S., has been with PSI for many years. Bob has created the overall design, collected the data and research, and developed a wide variety of innovative prevention and intervention programs. To learn more about how PSI’s many programs can improve grades, reduce absenteeism, and enhance discipline, please call Bob at 1.800.841.4774, ext. 223. You can also e-mail him or contact us.

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