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Webinars for Educators

Welcome to PSI’s webinar library.  PSI offers live webinars on various educational topics throughout the year. Presenters include national experts and PSI staff with expertise in their disciplines.

If you are interested in these PSI Webinars, please refer to this site as it is updated frequently with new offerings.   We also archive these webinars so you can watch them on demand if you are unable to watch the live presentations.  See and VIEW all of our available webinars below and contact Karen McKelvey by email or at 1-800-841-4774 at PSI to learn more or to suggest topics.

NOTE:  Educators can receive Continuing Education credits for attending and watching these webinars.


NPomwebinar1Marijuana and other Drugs of Addiction
Nancy E. Pommerening, OCPS and Director: Drug Awareness and Prevention







School Security and Emergency Preparedness
Presented by Kenneth Trump, M.P.A., President of  National School Safety and Security Services






What educators and parents need to know about Netflix’s Series 13 Reasons Why
Presented by Dr. Scott Poland, Co-Director, Suicide and Violence Prevention at Nova Southeastern University






computer2The Opiate Crisis and Prevention Education
Presented by Nancy Pommerening, OCPS 

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  • Click Here to download the pdf of the powerpoint
  • Nancy Pommerening, OCPS, will be giving another free webinar in the fall discussing Marijuana Use.  Please check back in August for scheduling information.




Human Trafficking: Is it affecting your students?
Presented by Ruthmary Powers, HM, Ph.D., Education Specialist and Sister Josie Chrosniak, HM, BS in Education







Quick, Formative and Valid Reading Assessments:
Presented by Dr. Tim Rasinski, on “How to Identify Strengths and Concerns in Your Students’ Reading” presented on October 19, 2016 




webinarconcussionsseptember2016Managing Concussions in our Schools:
Presented by Dr. Susan Davies, Associate Professor at The University of Dayton and Dr. Colleen Lorber, Executive Director at PSI on September 21, 2016 



Threat Assessment in Schools:
Presented by Dr. Scott Poland on May 11th, 2016







PSI Webinar Crisis CommunicationCrisis Communications for School Officials:
Presented by Bruce Hennes on January 27th, 2016




Practicing Mindfulness in your School:WebinarHeichelLaptop Presented by Karen Heichel, MA on December 2, 2015





 WebinarChambersConryLaptopMedia Engagement and Strategic Communications for Schools:
Presented by Dr. Darlene Chambers and Julie Conry on October 29, 2015






WebinarPolandMckelveyLaptopSuicide Prevention:
Presented by Dr. Scott Poland and Karen McKelvey, Ed.S. on September 24th, 2015




WebinarPolandLorberLaptopSelf Injury (NSSI) and Schools:
Presented by Dr. Scott Poland and Dr. Colleen Lorber on April 28th, 2015

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  • Please fill out the survey and send it to
  • Here is the link to the video that Dr. Poland talked about involving the two girls that were cutters




WebinarLeibermanLaptopNSSI: Non-Suicidal Self-Injury for PSI Health Staff
Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Schools presented for PSI Health Staff.  Presented by Richard Lieberman  on April 23rd, 2015




WebinarPolandLaptopLessons of Sandy Hook

This free webinar presented by Scott Poland, Ph.D. and Michele Gay, Sandy Hook parent, is now available on the PSI site.  Michele Gay tragically lost her daughter, Josephine, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting on December 14, 2012.  Since then Michele has chosen to help school communities improve school safety.  Learn the lessons that her school community learned in the aftermath of this tragedy along with steps to make changes in your own school.