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Summer YOUniversity: Fun. Proven. Summer Learning.

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PSI is the Official School Health and Educational Support Services Partner of UH

Summer YOUniversity

After interviewing over 50 school leaders on planning summer programs, research shows they want to concentrate on getting students ready for the following school year. psi and ThinkStretch have partnered together to create a simple way to do just that; Summer YOUniversity. Starting with a pre-assessment, students are grouped together by grade to prepare for the next year with an unique approach including:
  • Math, reading and science all wrapped and designed around a STEM based curriculum!
  • Summer YOUniversity hires your teachers
  • On-Site program director
  • Provides all program materials
  • Dedicated certified trainers
  • Curriculum aligned with state standards
  • Pre and Post assessments
  • Complete program data reporting
  • Student incentive rewards
  • Marketing, enrollment, parent communication throughout the program

This program aligned with your state’s education standards is the perfect turn key solution for your students.  Design your students summer with Summer YOUniversity!

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We would like to thank psi Medical Advisor, Drew Hertz and psi Director, Meredith Sitko along with Greater Cleveland Pediatrics Co-Founders and the psi nurses who have helped out with our new school health partner, Greater Cleveland Pediatrics. GCP was a key partner in making the Solon Community Vaccination Clinic a success. Pictured is Medical Advisor, Drew Hertz, and Keeli Mistovich with Greater Cleveland Pediatrics.

Is your school interested in learning about Behavior Therapy? A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is a graduate-level certification in behavior analysis who provide behavior-analytic services. They look at the function of behavior of students who demonstrate deficits in behaviors and how they are reinforced across environments. For more information, click here!

psi/UH Partnership: Good for students, schools and school communities

The psi /UH and psi /UHRBC partnership has evolved into many quality and integrated pathways. These pathways have been a valuable resource for our current school clients, from care plan management for your students to a comprehensive healthy restart plan for your school. Parent education nights and local community initiatives have helped many families stay connected to the resources and people brought together by this partnership between UH and psi for medical directorship.

Medical Directorship Services provided by Carly Wilbur, MD, psi Medical Director, Pediatrician, UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital

Raising The Power of Education

What took root in an early initiative focused on school psychological intervention for underserved students has grown over four decades to meet the needs of the whole child in the context of today’s complex social and educational setting. Providing high-quality, innovative educational services in cost efficient models assists hundreds of thousands of children in improving their grades, attitudes, health and behavior. psi empowers each system’s educational professionals to achieve more, lead more effectively and offer every student a better opportunity to succeed in school and, ultimately, in life. Thank you for your interest in psi. We look forward to partnering with you and your school.

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