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What took root in an early initiative focused on school psychological intervention for underserved students has grown over four decades to meet the needs of the whole child in the context of today’s complex social and educational setting. Providing high-quality, innovative educational services in cost efficient models assists hundreds of thousands of children in improving their grades, attitudes, health and behavior. PSI empowers each system’s educational professionals to achieve more, lead more effectively and offer every student a better opportunity to succeed in school and, ultimately, in life. Thank you for your interest in PSI. We look forward to partnering with you and your school.

November 28, 2018    3:00 p.m.

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Did you know that vaping is by far the most popular tobacco product among teens, with more than 2 million students reporting the use of  e-cigarettes? Nearly 12% of high school students and 3% of middle school students have used e-cigarettes in the past 30 days. With more than 400 companies producing e-cigarettes under little to no regulations until 2022, the FDA has declared youth vaping an epidemic.

PSI embraces Tribe Time & embraces School Safety!

Look! PSI is in full Tribe Time apparel and spirit for the…

School Safety Conference

Thursday September 13, 2018 8:00 am - 3:00 pm Cost $79 - $89,…

School Safety Webinar

How to Arm Teachers with Knowledge and Strategies Presented…

What Is

the PSI difference?


Online therapy is now more prevalent than ever in education, as research shows online services can be just as effective and in-person direct services. The Virtualpsi platform is interactive, clear, precise and user-friendly. This value-added program can lead to greater reach to more students in a unique blended model (with in-person services) for therapy, school heath programs and instruction.

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psiCertify (a division of PSI) trains school staff in critical areas requiring certification and specialized programming due to state mandates. A range of topics addressing many of today’s most timely student health issues is available. psiCertify training is primarily conducted face-to-face—we come to you! Some topics are available in webinar format as well.

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Industry Experts

PSI is focused 100% on providing educational and health services to schools, not only in terms of providing specific people and programs but also by offering school-wide and even system-wide perspectives. PSI’s School Improvement Team of Expert Partners designs and delivers professional development programs and interventions to improve academic and test score performance.

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