Psychologists & Counselors

Maximizing Student Success

PSI’s comprehensive psychology programs are another key part of the services we provide. We participate in a multi-factored group process from the outset, suggesting innovative interventions for children with diverse educational needs. PSI also assists with evaluation to determine special education eligibility, constantly staying updated on current state guidelines for special education and the requisite paperwork required for these guidelines.

PSI evaluates, intervenes with, and/or counsels over 6,000 students yearly!

PSI provides individual and group counseling, classroom programming, inclusionary assistance, behavior intervention, skill training, and staff development. Our educational services focus on improving academic performance while promoting positive learning experiences.

Psychological Services

  • Assessments
  • Develop/Implement MTSS/RTI
  • Counseling
  • Social, Emotional & Behavioral Interventions
  • Academic Interventions
  • SEGO & 504 Plans