New Refer a Friend Program

Do you love your job and want to tell your friends?

Are you looking to make some extra money?

Did you hear about PSI’s Special Employee Referral Campaign?

PSI has openings throughout Ohio that we need your assistance to help us identify top candidates.   We are currently holding a Targeted Employee Referral Campaign just for the below specific positions!

Special Needs LPN’s           Intervention Specialists             Occupational Therapists

School Psychologists          Licensed Educational Aides


  • This campaign will run from 10/10/2016 to 11/15/2016.  Completed referral forms are required (see attached) and must be received in the PSI office by midnight on 11/15/2016.
  • Referred candidate will complete the same process as all other applicants, including: Completion of application, interview, reference and background checks.
  • Employee must not have worked for PSI within the last 3 years.
  • The applicant has not applied for a position with PSI in the last 18 months or currently in the interview process with PSI.
  • Upon the successful completion of the hired referral’s 90 days of employment, 20% of the referral bonus will be paid.  The balance will be awarded when the referred employee has fulfilled their contract for the 2016-2017 school year and will be in your July 20th, 2017 paycheck. **Both employees must be employed with PSI at the time of the bonus payout to be eligible.
  • Bonus Amounts will be based on the number of hours the referred employee is hired for and will subject to required deductions and tax withholdings.

o   At least 14 hours a week                              $150.00

o   15 to 28 hours a week                                   $300.00

o   30 hours or more a week                            $500.00


“There is no better compliment than an employee referring their employer to a friend!”

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