Human Growth & Development Program

PSI is proud to reintroduce our long-standing partnership with the Health Education Center of Akron (HEC), as we have collaborated on our new and improved Human Growth and Development Program! Together with the HEC, we have transitioned the course to a new and innovative format, including a video series that is brought directly to your students’ classroom.

“Our mission is to provide age-appropriate, sensitively presented and medically accurate puberty education. We believe that parents are the primary sexuality educators of their children and the video series exists to support their efforts. It is our hope that this education will lay the groundwork for healthy decision making.”

The Program includes all the materials needed, including a facilitator manual with a permission slip, letter to the parents, a post test and answer key as well as information to make the viewing a successful experience for your students. Additionally, a parent letter is provided as well as a special parent link on our website each designed to give the parents the needed information for parental permission as well as supplement the content students will learn in the course.

To preview the HGD video program, go to